VR technology, storytelling & big data are some key elements for this year.

2015 has been about creating compelling stories to attract consumers and make brands closer to them. The analyisis of big data has helped to better define objectives and technology is creating new ways to enhance user experience.

For 2016 these trends will continue and will find its way through different industries.

Blocker-ad programs are forcing agencies to create more simple & attractive ads to get audience`s attention. NJF Mag-Trends-Adidas 3D Print

3D Printing is beginning to take part in many important projects in architecture & product manufacturing. An example of this is the footwear already produced by Adidas, New Balance & Nike.

Environmental awareness is now more relevant than ever since consumers are now more informed and social responsable. Adidas used plastic ocean waste in a 3D-printed shoe model in collaboration with an organization combating pollution worldwide.

Equality among genre, races & sexual orientation is starting to shape brand stories. Families with two dad sor two moms are the main characters, women empowerment and other social issues will make their voice to be heard and represented by brands.

Fashion is making its way in the technology world. Famous icons such as Iris Apfel are helping to design wearables more attractive.

Designers will still need to focus in flat designs and challenge their creativity with bolder typography.

Color trends are focusing on neutral & pastel colors looking forward to generate a peaceNJF MAG-Trends-Creativity-Web sensation.

Visual images are becoming more relevant. Hero images are the main characters when desigining a webpage. Experimental photography focused on shaking the order of aesthetic.

The use of GIFs will keep on going. Rich animations and interactive images will be more present in brand communications.

Customer purchase path has changed. Retails & brands will have to discover the most effective touchpoints thanks to the used of technology.

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