Keep your wardrobe up to date with the latest tendencies.

A new year has arrived and it is time to review all the changes we wish to make in our lives to create a better versión of ourselves. Most of the time this includes our personal apperance. Therefore, Not Just Fashion Magazine has made a list for all of you looking for a fresh new look & everyone who is a fan of the fashion world.

Soon a new season of runways will begin showing us the ideas of the great designers and young talents. In fact, 080 Barcelona Fashion will be held during the first week of February. A perfect excuse to take note and to start preparing.

NJF Mag-Fashion 2016-IrisTechnology is trying to fit in the fashion world. Wearables are changing their designs to be more appealling to fashion lovers. The icon Iris Apfel is helping the brand WiseWear to design their style.

Unisex look on clothing created by a practical but yet sophisticated design. Equality among genre & sexual orientation is one of the biggest subjects starting to have an important place in different industries.

NJF Mag-Fashion 2016-Back III

Satin, velvet & knits will be the materials most used to create more delicate pieces and make the consumer feel more special.

The come-back from the 70`s, 80`s & 90`s will keep rising and will start mixing.

Monochromatic pieces with touches of bright colors. A very interesting palette of colors will reflect a more vivid excimentent contrasted with light colors looking for stability & peace. Take a look at 2016 Pantone`s Fashion Report.

Beauty is highlighting the natural glow & self-love whatever your size is and brands are being pushed to reflect that. In 2015 a law was passed in France banning emaciate models.

NJF Mag-Fashion 2016-ShoesComfortable footwear. Casual sneakers with minimalism design, footwear with flatforms, sandals wearing socks & leather shoes will be seen walking down the streets.

Pijama parties will take place at the streets. Big brands like Dolce & Gabbana are redesigning these type of pieces so you can get out of bed & go out directly to take a walk around the park.

Urban look with have touches of authenticity. Tapestries will decorate the patterns on clothing.

The shopping style will change due to techonology. Smart changing rooms at stores & social media are creating a more effective process for decision-making.

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