And we continue with our weekly 2011’s top five ad campaigns with something a little bit different… But first of all, if you did’nt check our numbers #5 and #4, well be sure to do so.

This time it’s not a enhanced product, neither a new way of buying things. It’s an event, one of the biggest commercial event of 2011. Wieden+Kennedy for Nike, the Jordan “Melo M8” launch.


on the right, Carmelo Anthony at his Nike Jordan presentation

on the right, Carmelo Anthony at his Nike Jordan presentation

Because you can’t always renew or revolutionize your art, and also because sometime pushing it further can be a revolution, I really wanted to present you one big event, a real show. The hudson, NYC, home of the Knicks, the perfect place for its NBA star player Carmelo Anthony to release its signature Nike Jordan shoes.

The big star, in its home town, makes the buzz and get the fans (lots of fan) & friends, people mostly. You’ll see Dj’s, activities, and even Nas performing live “made you look”. New-York at its best.

Nas performed "Made You Look" at the launch.

Ok, another big budget event, with tons of stars, a photo call, concerts, games, animations? Yes, nothing crazy, nothing revolutionary, but a great experience. Because after the whole warming up, cames the big momentum.

Lights go off, and people hear an helicopter coming closer of Pier 54.  What you are about to witness is state of the art.


Laser holograms of Melo in explosive mode projected on the surface of the water, through a curtain of small water particules; and a video display across the entire length of a nearby building. Breathtaking.

In a previous article I discussed the experience Vs. memory debate. Which one is the most important? Having a great time, or remembering the night? Well in this case Wieden+Kennedy and Nike delivers both, because of the scenary they opted for : the water, night time, the cold, then the helicopter, the diver. All of this achieves a highly impressive experience, not to mention the width of the scene… Maybe 80 meters of display, with a 6 meters height would be my guess.

Great job, really magical and timeless experience, making of the evening a memorable moment for the assistance.


Here you can see the behind the scene edition of the very same event :

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