After everything that has been happening in the world around terrorism, speeches of hate, dictatorial regimes one could think everything is lost. But is not… As we keep looking for ways to express ourselves in a positive way and try to make a better world to live peacufylly together accepting our differences (as cheesy as it may sound).

We invite you to participate in the photography exhibition called Why Ride Project, a tribute to life created by the photographer Lucho Vidales, photographer and filmmaker Xué Gil, and BMX biker Martin Postigo. This project was meant to start on November last year but Martin´s friend, Mathias Dymarski, who was going to participate also in this shooting unfortunately became victim of Paris` terrorist attacks.

The mixed feelings did not stop the team to continue with the idea that took place in surprising Spanish landscapes of Granada and Malaga. This emotional photograph serie and video were dedicated to the memory of Mathias, and all the victims of this tragedy.

 Attend to this powerful exhibition taking place today, November 17th, at La Milagrosa Bcn – Clothing Store located in Carrer de Sant Antoni Abat 7 in Barcelona from 18h to 23h.

Find more about the exhibition at Why Ride Project.

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