From September 29th to October 2nd two important events will take place for art lovers.

We already know that Barcelona is a city recognized for its high performance in the world of creativity reflected in all its expressions. This weekend, art will be the main character of the city with Barcelona Gallery Weekend and Swab Barcelona.

Both of them are an open window for national and international artists in which there are interesting talks, guided free tour around several city galleries, performances, and expositions of all kinds of artworks. Barcelona Gallery Weekend holds its 2nd edition taking also place in other Europena cities, meanwhile Swab Barcelona, in its already 9th edition, will reunite 73 galleries holding artistic representations from 25 countries.

It is no coincidence that both events are taking place at the same time. Their organizar have agreed to do so in order to widen the variety of activities dedicated to art which have reached altogether more than 50.000 visitors last year.

To learn more about the schedules visit Barcelona Gallery Weekend y Swab Barcelona.

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