Barcelona´s art is also reflected on the buildings of the city.

The magical city of Barcelona stands out for the display of art among its artists and its buildings. Normally, the best known are those with ancient and historical significance. However, we have decided to make a selection of creative and modern structures that stand out for breaking the conservative design.

As part of “The 5 3 1 Combination” learn about the following five buildings that will make you see another face of Barcelona.

Torre Agbar

It can be seen at its best by night when the lights take over creating the most striking structure to be seen at those hours over Barcelona´s skyline. Its construction was designed by the architect Jean Nouvel and was completed in 2005 after a total of 34 floors reaching 145 meters of height.

It is the third tallest building in Barcelona after the Mapfre Tower and the Arts Hotel and is named after Aguas de Barcelona, company that owned the building until 2013 after being purchased by Emin Capital Group that plans to place a hotel from the brand Grand Hyatt.

Olympic Ring

Located on the mountain of Montjuic it is formed by sports facilities built for the Olympic Games in 1992. One of its most prominent features is the Communications Tower, designed by the Valencian architect and engineer, Santiago Calatrava. That is why it is also called Torre Calatrava.

The tower of 136 meters represents an athlete carrying the Olympic flame. And like many other works, it pays tribute to Gaudí with its base coated with trencadís. Undoubtedly, a symbol that stands out on the top of the city for its innovative and artistic form.

Telefónica and The Blue Museum

Both buildings are notable for their own but together they make a contrast of shapes that divert you from the old and Gaudí modernist which usually describes Barcelona.

The Blue Museum (Museu Blau in Catalan) located at the Forum park, houses the Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona and has a structure that seen from above is shaped like a triangle and is suspended in the air by 17 support points.

On one side, the building called Diagonal 00 where the offices of the company Telefónica are. With a very particular form that, from certain angles, can remind us to the famous chair of Game of Thrones, it has 110 meters of height consisting on 24 floors.

Hotel Porta Fira

Located in Hospitalet de Llobregat, a few minutes from the Plaza España in Barcelona, it is the tallest building in the municipality and the 5th of Barcelona´s metropolitan area. Its irregular shape created by the Japanese architect Toyo Ito breaks the landscape not only for its design but for its strong red color that covers the whole structure.

Hotel Arts

Located in the Olympic Port it was built during 1991 and 1992 for the Olympic Games. Within its 154 meters of height it has 44 levels and it is impossible not to notice it. The great metallic gold fish is a symbol that accompanies the structure.

Discover the art on the streets of Barcelona and enjoy its reflection on all aspects.

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