Less than a week, the restaurant chain Bao Bao opened a new location at Carrer de n´Aglá,  4 in Barcelona. It is an uncommon restaurant that offers “The Bao”, an Asian-origin bread cooked with steam that can be served in different ways. At Vietnam, “The stuffed Bao” is usually a typical street food dish.

Bao Bao was created by Elin James from Colombia, who arrived 9 years ago to Barcelona to study Music. Today, he is a Dj that has played in several known clubs in the city. Mónica, also Colombian, has been living in Barcelona for 10 years and has a career in Gastronomy. She has worked in various known enterprises from the industry.

The idea originated while they were travelling around Europe and Asia, noticing that there was a lot of demand for this product in several important cities. In Spain, “The Bao” exists but is not that common. It is a high-quality product with an affordable price.

The concept was created by themselves, including the carácter they invented called “Super Bao”, a figure with a cape that rides a Vespa scooter and will be used for charity. Picking up bread in the morning and deliver it to people living on the streets. They want to contribute with something to society.

With their food truck they have participated in several events such as the first Brunch In-the-Park of the season and Sonar, among others. They are planning on also participating at IR at Poble Espanyol.

They attract new clients by promoting the restaurant, their enthusiasm for the product, the history and the special flavors inviting them to taste their menú. A menú that was created by a known Vietnamese chef, Thang Pham, who has been living in Barcelona for 13 years, and has created a wide variety of menus for different restaurants around the world.

Erlin says, “The good thing about this menú is that it was created by someone native from Vietnam. The combinations of flavors and sauces, have the typical taste of Asia”.

Salvador, the chef of Bao Bao, explained that “The Bao”, is a type of bread that is cooked at a low temperature with the result that the fibers do not break. The Pork meat needs a 6 hours cooking preparation, the beef a 4 hours cooking preparation, and the chicken a 3 hours preparation. All these products are simmered to obtain the specific special flavour. So far, they have a total offering of 6 different plates.

Not Just Fashion Magazine had the opportunity to taste:

    • “The Bao Gandhi”, that has a very pronounced flavor, mainly contains tofu.
    • “The Bao Confucius”, the most representative from Vietnam, containes pork. This is the icon of “The Bao”.
    • Ultimately, we tasted “The fried Bao”, the only dish with its owner’s touch, contains fried yucca.

We loved them all! It is an unique combination of flavors and it is definitely worth trying.

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