The popular festivals of Barcelona resonate with Catalan pace.

Different sounds from different origins can be heard throughout the city. However, mostly at popular festivals, you might hear the own notes of the Catalan culture to which it belongs.

Cobla is a musical group of twelve wind instruments, percussion and bass from which they perform musical compositions for the traditional Catalan dance called La Sardana.

This dance consists on creating a circle of men and women holding hands while putting their arms on a raised position. The steps alternate between short and long steps that take place between small jumps. There are compositions with lyrics but are the compositions that do not have letters the ones usually used to perform the dance.

The most popular songs are La Santa Espina, banned during the time of the dictator Franco for allegedly inciting “odious and criminal” thoughts; Llevantina, l’Empordà and Ès la Moreneta.

In Barcelona there is a monument held in 1965 made by the sculptor Josep Cañas i Cañas honoring La Sardana located at Montjüic.

Now enjoy a small sample made by the City Hall about this popular dance and its music during the popular festivals of 2014, year in which Barcelona became the capital of La Sardana until February 2015.

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