The Barcelona based brand Mi & Co, was established 4 years ago by Mariam and Marcià Angrill who decided to modernize their parents’ textile company ‘Movimento’ which was created more than 3 decades ago and which was specialized in child fashion and swimwear.

The two started the company launch in the middle of the crisis and without having a budget for employees or glamorous points of sale, they started to present their first collection on private venues. Very soon, their ‘Bikini-Parties’, which were inspired by tupper sex venues, became legendary and the demand for their collection exploded.

Now, 4 years later, Mi&Co. has a production of 20.000 bikinis and swimsuits per year and their products can be found at 230 points of sale in Spain. The creators of Mi&Co. insist that there products are no mass products. They are proud about the local production of their collection, about the use of local and natural material, about their commitment for environmental protection and for fair trading. Since this year, Mi&Co. also offers an outdoor collection for women. They have also started to sell their collections outside of Spain and online via The company expects an increase of 20% in sales in 2016 compared to 2015.

Mi&Co. has its headquarters in Barcelona, though the design and branding are strongly inspired by Formentera, the island where the family spend their summers and the place where Mariam and Marcià dipped their feet into the Balearic Sea while brewing the ideas of their fashion label.

Their collections reflect this affinity for the Mediterranean lifestyle. The current Autumn/Winter collection consists of underwear, trousers, pullovers, shirts, jackets and coats and gains more followers each day. The target group are women of all ages with a fable for fantastic fabrics, nice and lively colors, an easygoing fit, excellent quality, women who support local labels rather than the biggies, who like a certain bohemian style and who feel addressed by the dogmas of ’Slow’ and ’Sustainable’ Fashion.

Mi&Co. was published in magazines like Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Telva, CyL, Yo Dona, La Vanguardia etc. Celebrities like Ariadna Artiles, Sara Carbonero, Verónica Blume or Eugenia Silva have been seen in Mi&Co. clothes and have shown their fondness for the brand in social media.

The creators of Mi&Co. regard their success as the result of hard work and sacrifice, as a result of the nice and positive image and message the brand broadcasts and thanks to all people who helped them pushing Mi&Co. to where they are now.

This brand should encourage young designers to fight for their ideas, to be resistant in hard times and to be creative not only when it comes to designing, but also when it comes to crowd-funding, promotion and new forms of distribution.

Andre Okada





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