Opposite to the small, designer store Röa from which we wrote an article about some weeks ago http://www.notjustfashion.net/small-minimal-cozy-roa/, there is a wonderful studio called Plhi. 

Cecilia, one of the designers of Plhi was born in the north of Argentina. She lived around the country jumping from one city to the other, until ten years ago she moved to Europe. Cecilia is specialised in Fashion Design but her daily work and dedication fine-tunes her skills.

The store started as a project together with her friend and partner, Walter. In the beginning, the idea was to open an outlet store but since it had plenty of space left they decided to make a common studio on the second floor. The second floor is shared together with three talented graphic designers. Next to Cecilia’s items and the designers´ work there is Walter’s brand, Davolio, which are wonderful dresses made of the finest materials. Finally they ended up with the name Plhi Studio. They opened it in the beginning of Summer 2015.

Plhi is created for every single woman who feels comfortable wearing it. It’s made for every women who likes simplicity and elegance over trendiness. Each piece is produced in limited edition and made from the highest quality material. What they really try to focus on is having all the production in Barcelona and buying all their materials at local places. 

Plhi uses quick drying Spanish fabrics with UV protection, wicking properties, resistant to chlorine, and all the fabrics are environmentally certified. They only want to support ethically aware productions and work practices. Cecilia is applying the same values to her new leather project. 

Do you have any designers you admire? “Of course I do. I admire lots of designers from different aspects. But most of all I admire all of them who fight every day with all their strength to follow their dreams in the middle of this contemporary confusion and complicated world situation.”

What is your favourite piece from the store? ”I love all of them but at the moment I am really into the leather chokers and harnesses.”

Cecilia would love to work on the image of the brand. Everyday she receives lots of emails from people all over the world who, by chance, passed by the studio. Each of them want the pieces sent to their countries. If she has any time left, she will make an amazing online shop where her clients can buy all her products easily.

Since the products of Cecilia are seasonal she works with both South and North hemispheres. However, she does add new products all the time as limited edition collections. Fort he upcoming winter she’s working hard on her leather project. All of the bags and other leather items are handcrafted and hand stitched in her studio at the Gothic quarter in Barcelona.

What has been your biggest challenge and succes so far? “The responsibility and dedication that means to maintain my business to make it work and just do what I like to do. That is a big challenge for me. Each piece, which I sell personally, fills me up with satisfaction, pleasure and succes.” 🙂

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