Pablo Puig Gomar open spaces to its collections in Barcelona.

Supporting emerging talents, innovations and ideas with interesting concepts, Not Just Fashion Magazine attended the opening of the showroom for the last collection of a brand labeled with all the blame for loving what is done for it.

Blame Label was launched in October 2014 and already has two collections, “Own Way” and “Aureari”, this one having the honor of sharing the 080 Barcelona Fashion`s runway with great designers such as Celia Vela, Manuel Bolaño and brands like Brain&Beast. Nevertheless, this does not blind the personality of Pablo Puig who humbly, with a great sympathy and lots of emotion talked to us about his last collection exposed in the spaces of Parrup Concept Store.

Pablo explains how rage and chaos working together in a controlled way can materialize on asymmetric designs, without sewings on the sides and bonds placed in a way they follow a pattern that reaches the aurean perfection by finding its complement, its pair. This is the reason for the collection´s name.

At the showroom you can discover the colors white, black and blue representing the perfection, rage and the balance point respectively on all the pieces of clothing as well as the accesories like bags and backpacks that were made with the collaboration of Isma, one of the owner of Parrup Concept Store in which they have decided to bet on Pablo`s designs and expose not only his last collection but also his previous one called “Own way”.

We invite you to discover chaos, patterns and the balance among them at Banys Nous 17 in Barcelona until September 30th.

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