It´s been one month since its opening and Not Just Fashion decided to go to Aribau street and meet “Parker”, a cozy place, with wide spaces, and an elegant, and eclectic decoration that invites to come in and enjoy of its stylish environment and delicious gastronomic selection.

Xavi, its owner, received us nicely, and explained to us all the details that have brought to life to “Parker”.

njf-magazine-fooddrinks-parker-cafe-1Who is Parker? How did it all begin?

It depends who you ask. If you ask someone in the world of fashion, Parker could be Sarah Jessica Parker.

What if we ask about Parker, from Aribau street?

Parker is a place inspired in other places around the world, specializing overall in offering brunch. It originated from the idea of creating something like a Spanish “Starbucks”, and under the inspiration of places at Parker Street in London that made us think about bringing to Barcelona with this style.

How would you define Parker´s style?

Unique. We looked for inspiration in some places to everything related to decor. On the other hand, originally, this place was a furniture warehouse with high vaults tha allow people from one corner to the other. Therefore we had to make an investment to make some adjustments.

Nevertheless, it keeps its unique style, such as the Roman tomb that you can find in the bathroom to use it as a handwasher.

What is the house specialty?

We would like to specialize in serving brunch.

How many spaces do Parker have?

So far, we have one space where people can come to take their coffee, or taste our specialty, the brunch. By night, we are open until 2:30am so they can grab a drink in another environment.

Who knows Parker? ¿Who are the people who usually come here?

The reality is that all type of people come here. From the muscle boy who takes care of his diet but ends up trying one of our cakes to those who come for a coffe, or simply a place where to work with their computter since we have access to wifi and plugs around the place.

What is the best day to go to Parker?

It depends on what you are looking for. During the week, we offer a 12 euros menu for lunch which is very goog, meanwhile we serve brunch during the weekends.

Not Just Fashion Magazine had the chance to discover the most highlighted dishes from their menu which have surprised us due to their presentation and size, conceived to share (or not, for the most hungry people).

From a Ceasar salad with breaded chicken, and a healthy yougurt with granola and berries to a powerful and delicious Chicken Sandwich Club, Paker will definitely not let you down.

We invite you to visit them at Carrer Aribau, 3 in Barcelona.

For reservations, or evnts you can contact them through +34 932 527 376 or

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