Not Just Fashion Magazine interviewed the winner of the Best Collection of 080 Barcelona Fashion 2015

Black dress , high heels , sunglasses and red lips, the designer Celia Vela follows all the movements while stylists place a bed of fresh flowers in the hair of the models that fill the backstage with its essence for the love story to be revealed on the catwalk.

We locate a space and a few hours before her show we sat with her to find out who is behind the creation of the designs awarded as the Best Collection of 080 Barcelona Fashion 2015.

Let´s begin

What was your inspiration for the collection created for this 080 Barcelona Fashion edition?

We always write stories. Normally , love stories and this time the collection is inspired by the story of a botanist and his partner and the tricks she uses to know that he is still in love with her.

What ‘s different about this collection, apart from creating stories that are unique on each one of them?

Rather than putting a name to the collection, we always do stories of love between a man and a woman or stories of emotional nature that surrounds it. The difference between others, perhaps because we present designs for spring / summer 2016 season, is the light, the romance and the femininity. However , the main protagonist are the natural flowers.

How does it feel to participate at the 080 Barcelona Fashion?

It’s like coming home because in fact Barcelona is my home and is the presentation I do closer to home since the rest of them are outside of Spain . Normally we work the same team, is like a family . We see each other every six months and ¨Hey! Hello! We look forward to see each others and ¨what have you done?¨ ¨what do you do?¨ and ¨what are you doing? and ¨how nice what you are doing! It’s very good. I have a very good relationship with everyone.

How do you feel you have evolved in your career as a designer?

It is quite clear that I do now best collections that 10 or 15 years ago because I have more resources, experience and I have learned a lot . The fact of hard working and spending a lot of time doing something you like is what makes you get better on it. I think the last collection is always the best I have done.

Which is the collection you have been most excited to launch?

Well, ironically, I like winter more than summer. But people like very much the summer collection I do . It is a contradiction that leaves me a bit (intrigue face). But surely it is true that there is a collection for me it was as if something inside made a click, which was introduced in the 080 at the University of Barcelona in the cloister. There we thought ¨We can do whatever we want . We can go wherever we want¨.

Why winter rather than summer?

Because I like more the textures , I love the velvet. I like to put a layer, another layer , and another layer . I love it. Place lots of garment. Wool , velvet , silk. I like it more but then I tell you that it happens only to me because then, one of the collections the people talk more about me is always the summer one.So I have to be doing something wrong. (laughs)

Well, at least at NJF Magazine we love it. We draw much attention to that mix of textures.

In this collection you will see mixed up a basic, white and clean cotton whipped in a golden chantilly barely perceived, extremely subtle. In different parts of the collection there are drops of this material that represents one of the most delicate and feminine fabrics there is.

Any regrets of not making something you wanted for your collections?

Look, I do not. It happens the other way around. “I should not have done that” (laughs). I’ve always said that I’m very brave and even kamikaze. The things that have given me fear are the ones I have felt more eager to make. What happens to me is that sometimes  I think ¨This was not neccesary to do¨. But I am not much a person who regrets or think too much about the things. I pass the page quickly.

Sure, in the end each one of them has a story and represents something very important that is done at a specific time .

Yes , and do not forget that is an unique show that lasts 12 min. and does not repeat. It is true that you risk a lot and you depend on many factors, not only yours but also technically: hairdressing , makeup , lighting , sound ( … ) you strenghthen the five senses and try that everything goes really well but then there is always something that can escape. In addition, there are things that only you look at and the public do not. They are small details. Then you got to have flexibility because otherwise you would not live and you’d be all day overwhelmed thinking that something has gone wrong or what will not work out. It’s hard to control everything in this few minutes.

What would be the best occasion to wear your collections?

The collection you see on the catwalk always has a plus of sophistication or look but the collection itself is wide enough so you can wear at any time of the day ( …) Yes it’s true that my pieces are slightly more elaborated and a for a nice evening the work well. I also believe that it depends on the woman and the piece she connects with and like.

What is the favorite color for your collections?

My favorite color is black but I try not to abuse of it because I would use it for all collections. They even scold me (laughs). In this collection there is no black.

Tell us a little about why the Japanese market. We know that culturally they are very conservative but in terms of fashion they always try to distinguish themselves.

It is their cover letter, they care a lot about the image ( … ) It is true that they are very traditional, well educated and even introverted but instead, when they dress or wear an accesory there is no rule. What for us is a disguise for them is a representation of themselves. And nobody is surprised about anything, nobody looks weird at anyone. It is absolute freedom. In fact, when you go there your head goes looking fast at everywhere, you don´t know where to look.

So, do you think it has been challenging for you?

Yes, I think what has happened is that we have connected at first sight. They are very demanding. I had to adapt to the way they work. Since they contacted me when I a was very young that helped me a lot. Once you get used to it, they are easy to treat and very loyal.

They do love what I do. It is very curious that there are people who see oriental features on what I do while on the other hand, the japanese see me very western style. I think they see something in me which they connect with.

Many companies have tried to enter Japan and do not work, they do not understand or do not like, they can not work together. And instead we’ve never had any problems of adaptation rather than the timing or quality control.

A word that defines your style.

It would be better if someone else answers that other than me (laughs) but I think it’s very feminine. In my collections we try to do things with the highest posible quality. When we go to Paris, there are many people that the first word that comes out of their mouth is Haute Couture. But I have never considered a luxury or high fashion product. I always wanted to reach everyone ( … ) Even when talking to someone from the world of fashion, they told us that there are not so many people left that make couture design and not even at my age. So it means that a Little bit of touvh has been lost, having spent a total week of your life to a dress.

For example, when you see the show, the fact of putting natural flower to fill an entire head of a model is amazing. We have made 30 headdresses of flowers. Every girl carries 2.

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