Not Just Fashion Magazine interviewed the winner of the Best Collection of 080 Barcelona Fashion 2015 (Cont.)

A song for today´s collection.

Something happy, with summer mood.

The songs are chosen by my 16 year old son who loves music and has already worked on 4 editions choosing the songs for my shows.

Great assistant!

I have a wonderful assistant! And there is also my 13 year old daughter who runs around and always helps us.

Your fashion references.

I like a lot of very different people. I obviously like the great ones: Schiaparelli , Balenciaga, Chanel. Her more than Lagerfeld. Then also Josep Font , who I have much affection for and I like what he does, Hussein Chalayan, Prada (…) There are many people in the fashion industry who does it well. You do not have to be so exquisite. There are companies that even if  they are low-cost they do it really well.

Just as there are professionals who inspire you , what are the places that inspire you?

To me what inspires me the most is to be in my studio working. The more I work the better results I get. The type of things like watching sunsets in the Sahara desert is not me (laughs). Small things, a movie I ‘ve seen , something I have read, walking down the street and see someone, my daughter. Normal things.

The momento to get inspired.

I think that inspiration is not that ethereal. If you work lot and do what you like inspiration will come out. It is natural ( … ) If I have a bad day, I do something mechanical: ¨Come on! I’ll make rings!¨. Doing something manual relaxes me.

A song that inspires you.

I really like Luz Casal. For example, My Way from Sex Pistols inspires me joy and a lot of adrenaline. It is the one we put on the carousel because I’m too embarrassed to go say hello and then I say ¨Yes! Come on! Let´s go out.

Do you listen to a lot of music when you’re in the studio working?

There is always music. At my home as well.

Coffe or tea?

Coffee, coffee! (laughs)

¿Chocolate or Muffins?

Neither of both. I do not like sweets. If I have to choose, chocolate. I’m more of salty food. Strong and spicy things.

Your favorite dish

Japanese food. And I eat wasabi, all spicy things. Also when somene says ¨This is spicy¨ I think ¨You do not know what spicy is¨ (laughs).

While studying in Barcelona I used to eat kebabs with my colleagues and we used to make a competition of how many spicy tablespoons we would handle on a kebab. (laughs) You could imagine me since my height is 1.53m and my weight 40kg, I had all records. We ended up crying, sniffling. Once I even has a nosebleed, I broke a capillar but I won.


Yes, yes, I can handle a lot!

Mexican spice or Japanese spice?

Both. They are different. Japanese´s is hot, hot (hand gestures) . But I put up good, I handle well.

Sushi o pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomato, typical food from Catalonia)?

Wooow! Now I would have to put up my flag and say pa amb tomàquet but no, sushi. Sorry. (laughs) I could get the pa amb tomàquet with sushi on the top if necessary (laughs).

We must tell the Japanese to make some tempura with pa amb tomàquet

For example, for example! (laughs) They love catalán food. The like it a lot.

Do you have any rituals before the shows?

Ummm no. The truth is I don’t. I am not superstitious about these things. The only thing that I would like to do after the show and that would be great for me is to go into a corner and cry for about 10min. But I cannot because I get caught by the arm and they lead me immediately to the photocall. It’s the only thing I’d like to do and I cannot.

A Word in japanese.

Arigato masai mas which means thank you very much.

Arigato to you too for the interview given to Not Just Fashion Magazine y lots of success on the runway!


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