Everyday most people need the typical morning coffee to com back to life and wake up with energy to start the day. But, what if we add to that cup of coffee a touch of creativity to activate your mind?

In Barcelona you can find these two antidotes combined in a creative community present in 152 cities worldwide called CreativeMornings. They make morning talks that start at 8h30 with free breakfast and end at 10h with a networking session. The talks are for all types of public interested in participating. The only requirement is “to be open-minded to innovation.“

Not Just Fashion Magazine had the chance to attend last month talk with the illustrator Marina Esmaraldo and meet Carla Teixeira, coordinator of CreativeMornings Barcelona.

What are the types of talks you run into at CreativeMornings? How do choose the themes?

CreativeMorning talks last for 20 minutes followed by a 10 minute session of Q&A. It is a very short session but very fulfilling that is done once a month. The themes are managed by the headquarters located in New York, but are chosen by the different chapters to which we have access 6 months to 1 year in advance. Barcelona, for instance, chose the theme for March 2016 – CHANGE.

How do you select the speakers?
The speakers are chosen by the coordinators of each chapter, taking into account the global theme. They are asked to share personal or professional experiences that, somehow, are related to the theme, attracting interest and bringing knowledge to the creative community of CreativeMornings Barcelona. We have speakers from different subjects, Daniel Pascual – coach, Borja Martínez – creative director or Sonia Barba – actress, among others.

Are there other ways to participate at CreativeMornings from that as a speaker?
CreativeMornings is a platform created by volunteers and we are thrilled that there are people and brands participating in one way or the other: people with ideas to innovate each chapter of CreativeMornings Barcelona, volunteers to help with monthly logistics and during the day of the event, brands collaborating with our needs even if it means serving breakfast, the space, the technical team for photography, video, editing, screening, sound, presentation, graphic image, etc.


Tell us a Little bit about you. How did you take part of CreativeMornings?
I started attending to CreativeMornings since it began in Barcelona in 2012. I did the impossible to not miss any session since I went backt to work with lots of energy. I loved to go back to the office and share with my colleagues how inspiring had been the morning. I talked to them about it since they do not ask for anything in return. It exists to full-fill personally and professionally.

Vasco Mourao, was the person who created CreativeMornings Barcelona. He already had a team but I offered as a volunteer either way. Two years and half later, Vasco decided to make a change and invited me to continue a coordinator, something with I couldn´t feel happy enough to keep forward in which I trusted since the very beginning.

What is the talk that has shocked the most?
The one that has shocked the most was the one from Joan Melé, trainer about values, for the theme ETHICS. He is a master on Bank Ethics and Values Education, and his experience did not lose attention for the 100 attendees during more than an 1h.

In another matter, I cannot leave behind the talk with Gudy Herder, founder of Eclectic Trends and an expert in trends for Interiors & Lifestyle. The global theme was WORK, reason why 80 attendees worked together with her guidance to create a 6m long moodboard. The question was what are our dreams, those that inspire us and moves us?

It was a great success with nice memories from the attendees in which the result was focused on travel, going back to nature, creativity, and several references to the sea and the water. 

What has been the feedback from the people regarding this initiative?
I feel fulfilled. The day of the event is an injection of endorphins. To see so many people enjoying very early in the morning is a success. Naturally, there are sessions that flow more tan others but there are many factors to take into account, there are incidents and solutions but in general the feedback is very positive.

What other tolos does CreativeMornings give to the people in its community?
Apart from the events, talks are recorded and can be watched at the website.

Even when registering at CreativeMorning´s website we suggest to the attendee to fill their profiles as much as possible since it is a networking chain where professional and personal opportunities can originate.

Through Social Media the community is given a serie of interesting information for them such as festivals, contests, events.

The global collaborators  (Shutterstock, Mailchimp, Wix) and local ones offer many special conditions and discounts in its products and services. You just need to pay attention to the events and Social Media.

What do you think about the creative world in Barcelona? Do you think it needs more promotions, or a wider range of spaces and initiatives such as CreativeMornings?
Barcelona is an international city with diverse initiatives that fulfil its population and everyone who passes by. Everyday more, mainly to the present economical situation, individuals and enterprises are looking for creative methods to differentiate and make themselves visible. Initiatives as Creative Mornings are a hook for many brands to collaborate and gain awareness of their target. We are at the age of synergies and you have to take advantage of that to win and move forward.

If you had to use 1 word to define Barcelona´s creative world, which one would you use? And, why?
Survivor! I like this question. I had never thought about searching for just 1 word to define it. I think creatives live in a constant challenge. You must be always informed – about the past, the present, and looking forward to “define“ the future.

How is it possible to be part of CreativeMornings?
It is very easy. You only need to go to the website of your city and create your own account. We suggest that your profile is as full as possible to take advantages of the benefits of the global community. Even if you are informed about our news and events, subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. On Flickr you can also access to a serie of pictures of our events.

It is a pleasure to see the community grow and receive feedback of everyone to innovate together. We are delighted that you can reach us at Barcelona@creativemornings.com o by mail: Carrer Sardenya 229 átic, 08013 Barcelona.

Carla Teixeira


(+34) 610 545 600


If you are going to travel, do not forget to look if there is a CreativeMornings talk wherever you go. We suggest this amazing experience to fill with motivation your mind and your creative spirit.

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