Ikibana, the restaurant chain opens its third location at the County City.

The success of the Japanase and Brazilian food is finding more space in the city of Barcelona. With two more restaurants located in the neighborhood of Paralel and Borne, Ikibana opens its doors in Sarrià, one of the richest neighborhoods in the city.

For this occasion, several celebrities attended to witness an elegant evening with a musical atmosphere created by one of the present trendy DJ´s, Pierre Sarkozy; models exhibiting typical folk Brazilian costumes, and a decoration inspired on the mix of these two cultures.

Among the guests there were the model Joana Sanz, Dani Alve´s girlfriend; the prettiest voice of the Spanish radio, Michelle González, showing off an incredible dress from Three Fifty Nine available at Love Clothes Barcelona Showroom; and Javier Cárdenas and Manuel Fuentes, posing for the cameras covering the special event.

We invite you to stimulate the senses with unique flavors in the variety of dishes combining tropical touches with spicy incitement.

Ikibana Sarrià is located at Doctor Fleming, 11, Barcelona.

¡Have a great meal!

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