Inevitably buzzing from the international attraction that is Barcelona, we are spoilt with treats and treasures from the cultural span that is in the world.  Whether it’s flash and glam you are looking for, or to melt and dip with the local expat “IN” crowd.  The city offers you options, whatever your flavour may be.

Here are a few local gems to wet your pallet when you find yourself getting a bit thirsty for inventive drink options this weekend.


Based on the conceptual and charming minds of a lively Italian from Lake Como and a smooth talking Argentinian from Buenos Aires. Creps Al Born is bleeding with atmosphere, great drinks and an even warmer welcome.  Based on the historic of an old local crepe restaurant, they still serve crepes in the bar today.  You will feel like family when you walk in and you will feel like walking back in when you’re walking out.

Ask for the Zombie from any one of the talented team, but make sure you call into work beforehand.

OLD FASHIONED – Eixample/Diagonal

Cosy, casual and crazy about flavour.  This small upscale bar boasts with classic and inventive cocktail technicality and warmth that is a lovely place to begin or end an evening out.  Every one if the well dressed and professional bartenders will provide an excellent knowledgeable conversation and insight into the ever so deep aspects of the industry.  See if a gentle man named David is working, watch the steadiness and accuracy of his hands, but even more so that smile he carries. 


Its Friday night, you are dressed to the nines and ready to impress.  You will probably be found in Paradiso.  This is about as Speak-Easy as it gets.  From the outside, Paradiso looks like a 4-6 seat pastrami sandwich shop.  However, in the “sandwich” shop is housed a secret door that brings you into this speak-easy style cocktail bar.  Reeking with sheer class through the mind of the Italian owner, this place has it all. Secret rooms within secret rooms, endearing cocktails bursting full of flavour, backed by a knowledgeable team with an aptitude for flair.   A regular Alice in Wonderland story.

Whatever you’re fancy this weekend, I am sure that if you fall into one of these spots, they are sure not to disappoint.


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