Samuel Alarcón received the Special Mention to Creativity at the ModaFad Fashion Awards 2015.

During the 080 Barcelona Fashion was held the ModaFad Fashion Awards 2015 with the the objective of driving the international projection of the emerging talent by creating synergies between design schools, creative young people, specialized media and the fashion industry.

Not Just Fashion Magazine had the opportunity to interview three talents from the Catalan Institute of Fashion participating in the competition for ModaFad´s young talents. Among them, Samuel Alarcón, who after the interview before the show received a Special Mention for Creativity.

We spoke a short words with him after receiving the award.

Congratulations! From here to Bangladesh and whatever may come. How do you feel?

SA: I still cannot believe it. Moreover, when they said my name and I heard it a little weird I said: “Ah! There is another Samuel” and suddenly I see Miguel from Modafad pushing me: “Come On! Come On!” and I was like “Me? Do not worry, I step aside for them to pass. And suddenly Tatiana: “But come on! Come on!”. “Ok, well ok, but really? You are not going to change the name right?”. I did not believe it. “They are wrong, they are wrong, it cannot be”. I do not believe it still. I cannot believe it.

How did you feel when the collection went out and you saw it on the catwalk?

SA: The truth is that we could not see much from backstage but I scaped running to the screen we had there and could see little. The little I saw it looked amazing. With these models that are incredible, the location. It is incredible.

How about the preparation in those last seconds?

SA: There were lots of nervousness because I had to make changes. My turn was after a girl who is amazing and had like a Russia style with many accessories and I thought: “I will not have time, I will not have time”. But in the end some incredible girls helped me and quickly we got it all done on time.

And how do you feel regarding the Institute? They might be very proud.

SA: I think that they might be dancing sardanas now (a traditional Catalan dance). Super excited.

Do you have any plans for tonight, for the weekend or maybe the whole week to celebrate?

SA: No, I do not know. I’ll see what comes up today. I have no idea really.

Do you have a place where you will put the prize that they have given you today?

SA: To be honest, since I did not expect this, I do not know. I’ll arrive home and say: “Okay, where do I take it? Where do I put it?”. Maybe in the center of the room but I do not know yet. (laughs)

Well, hopefully it will be a special place where you can collect many awards in the coming years.

We expect to see more of you in future editions and we will be here for you to continue spreading the emerging talents.

Congratulations once again.

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