¿Italian? ¿French? ¿Portuguese? ¿Spanish? NO… Català

Barcelona is a multicultural city where the variety of sounds, pronunciations and accents from different parts of the world stands out. Nevertheless, Barcelona is the capital of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, a region with its own language that extends to other territories of its surroundings, including European countries.

The Catalan, as well as Spanish, is the official language at Catalonia which originates from the vulgar latin, meaning, the latin popularly spoken at the streets. It is a language that had lots of influence from French, Italian and Spanish which is why it is not difficult to confuse its words with these languages. Catalan has many variants that have developed through the rest of Spanish communities such as the Community of Valencia, the Balearic Islands, Eastern Region of Aragon and a part of the Region of Murcia. On the other hand, there is France, Italy and, above all, Andorra where it is the official language.

In 1939, during the time of the dictator Franco in Spain, the use of Catalan was prohibited in the streets so it was obliged to speak only Spanish. The Catalan language was used at home and was not taught at schools, reason why it was a time that put into risk the continuation of it among the new generations. After the fall of Franco and once again, the arrival of the democratic government, it was possible to recover the importance of the Catalan language in the culture of a region rooted to its customs and own roots.

Today a lot of Catalans admire the way in which the foreigners have opened to know the language and have learned it thanks to the facilities that are given by Barcelona´s City Hall through the Language Normalization Center and the different language schools that are in the city.

Here you can find some words to surprise in Catalan.

Bon dia                         Good Morning

Si us plau                      Please

Merci                              Thanks

D´accord                       Ok, agreed

Com va tot?                  ¿How is everything going?

Que hi vagi bé              Hope everything goes well

Pá amb tomaquet        Bread with tomato (a classic)

Bon profit                     Have a good meal

Bona nit                        Good night

Fins després                See you later

Adeu                             Bye

Bona sort! (Good luck!)

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