In 1964, Kenzo Takada moved to Paris, when suddenly he is starting his sketching marathon. 30 designs are being created by the Japanese designer; from which 5 are accepted by the Parisian stores. The cooperation with various department stores and magazines resulted in opening Kenzo’s store in the French capital just 6 years after.

The designer remakes and paints the space all by himself. Fulfilled with the floral illustrations and installations the store is baptised with the name of Jungle Jap. The clothes themselves also take Kenzo’s customers into the jungle story tales as the fabrics present various motives of the tropical flora and fauna. 

Kenzo’s designs quickly become recognized and loved on the Parisian scene. In 1970s he is introduced in American Vogue and presents his collections in Tokyo, New York, Zurich for the firs t time. In 1999 Kenzo sells the company to LHMV groups and gives a lead to Antonio Marras in 2003. Since 2011 Creative Direction position is taken by a wonder-duet of designers Peruvian-Chinese Humberto Leon and Korean Carol Lim. 

The recently opened store in Barcelona, tempts with its visual side reflected in motifs such us 80s inspired animal stickers and blue light, geometric shelves recalling 90s eclecticism in minimalized form and of course the cosmic blue marble stairs leading to the upper floor.  

Japanese pop and new romantic hits played in the story confirm the brand’s respect for the social media movements and adaptation to the mass fashion trends.  Moreover the collection itself contains logotypes of the brand in 4 different forms, which may be controversial from the branding point of view. This is moment to also recall that the Asian pop aesthetics is visible in other brands this season. After Russia’s getting into problem luxury brands come back to their Asian clients. Those on the other hand, seem to slow down with consuming luxury fashion in old-school serious ways. Maybe this is how the world is now? Fashion should not be taken too seriously and Kenzo for sure knows that. 




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