‘Wearable construction’ -as Designer Madeleine Moxham describes them-,

these beautifully built accessories are talismans of power and style.

Apix black, A/W 12.                                          Osiris nude, A/W 12.


London-based Maddy -as she likes to refer to herself- is the founder and designer behind the brand. Trained in fashion design, and having interned and worked in the field, it was after finishing her MA that she decided it was time to embark on her own project. Choosing her last name as the brand’s alias, and beginning by working on some initial triggering pieces, the persona of the brand went on to develop exponentially form there. Triangular lines that derived from the typography of her surname translated into 3D brass triangles, and then these repeated themselves obtaining Egyptian mythology-inspired motifs.


“ I didn’t want the MOXHAM aesthetic to be too girly”, Madele­ine confesses.

So she opted for a more “international, geometric and potentially unisex feel”.


MOXHAM brings something different to the luxury ‘table’. Their products are just like oversized precious gems, but unlike other pieces of jewellery, they don’t brake. Designed for the city living, these accessories are loud, solid and bold. So much that calling them accessories is an understatement. Their clever shapes and noble materials would silent the shiniest of shoes, and make you forget that’s your favourite tee you are wearing. As Madeleine explains,


“I view the pieces more as accessories rather than jewellery,

because they are oversized pieces, that create the focal point for a look”.


A/W 12.

And they do indeed. Their complex construction -yet light weight- makes them unique and their unpretentious design, versatile for both day and night. That’s what the local and international press seems to be thinking anyway, as the generously-sized necklaces and cuffs have already been featured in several print magazines this year such as The Sunday Telegraph, Elle Finland and Dutch Grazia. The brand has been growing at a fast pace throughout 2012, and Madeleine assures us there is more coming up. Next season they will be introducing leather clothing and goods. So stay tuned as we predict MOXHAM will be the next stylish boom.


If you are in London pop in and visit their stand in BENGT @Somerset House until Sunday 6 of January. If you are not, don’t worry, just make yourself a cuppa tea and shop online.

@ BENGT pop up shop, Somerset House, London.


This is me loving the Ibex black . I surely know what is going on the top of my wish list for Santa!

Which one of them would you like to find filling your stocking?


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