A labyrinth with no exit

He was a first love.

He was an addiction, a bad habit or a disease perhaps.

But kept a light on,

In loneliness, only darkness.

Caught in a labyrinth with no exit there is only longing for him.

A punishment? No.

A love. Forever.

And no one else.


NJF Magazine-Editorial-Lukas 1 (Large)

NJF Magazine-Editorial-Lukas 2 (Large)

NJF Magazine-Editorial-Lukas 3 (Large)

Discover the fashion film of this editorial.

Special thanks to:

PHOTOGRAPHER | Celeste Galanda

PRODUCTION | José Pouchucq & Regina Khanipova

Mua & Styling | Regina Khanipova

MODEL AGENCY | 5th Avenue Model Management

MODEL | Brogan

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