Not Just Fashion Magazine discovers fashion illustration right from the runway.

Cotinue learning about this professional artists.

As a designer, how do you define your designs?

Often some of the illustrations I’ve done is pure fantasy. This holds it because is paper but in real life it would mean lots of hours of work and plenty of space. It would not be to wearable, would not be viable. However, when I design I change my chip and remember that it has to be worn by a person. It should be comfortable, practical, functional. It’s what clients always ask for. There are three basic rules: “I want to look good, I want to feel comfortable and I want to be able to wear it on many occasions”.

Have you had the opportunity to participate in a catwalk?

I participated on a catwalk last May in Girona at Girona Fashion Day. I was invited and presented a spring-summer collection entitled ” Eunosto”.

How did you feel when it was your turn to show your work at a runway?

It actually happened really fast. As an illustrator you see everything from a point of view and is much quieter. But when it was my turn it was a day that passed by like a train, it’s was over quickly; very nervous and suddenly, when you finish is like the train arrived to the station and then… silence. In reality, they are two ways of living a catwalk.

As a designer, what materials do you normally use?

I am very Mediterranean in terms of colors. I always use them by blocks and contrast. I do not like working with black or gray colors. I always choose 100% natural fabrics and for summer I like linen, cotton types, especially very rigid to create volume because I think the volume is good for the figure and it can be changed and modified.

Fashion references

I have a lot. My first fashion reference that made me say “I am fashion designer due to…” was John Galliano for Christian Dior when he started. Currently I have as references Josep Font, who is at Del Pozo and has a current new vision, a kind of ethereal goddess, fairy. Stephane Rolland from Haute Couture, Hippy Gin Gin, with a very oriental line, many folds, many details. And classics, Balenciaga, Jean Paul Gaultier, Prada. The big ones.

A place for inspiration

A place to I use a lot are the libraries. I am a library person because books hide a lot of information, many ideas, I extract lots of information from a library. And I also really like going to museums, even more in this city. There I learn a lot drawing , copying the paintings because all are clothing and accesories. They give many details, they are the pictures from old times.

If you were able to ask any questions at any illustrator from whom you get inspired, what would you ask?

What he thought and felt at his beginnings, because it is the most magical moment. How it was done.

People or objects?


Open air or close space?

Open air.

Real time illustration or at home in your living room?

Real time illustration, of course. It is very different.

A song or a style of music?

I listen to music all day, I carry headphones with me every day. I hear very varied music, that have nothing to do with each other.

What projects do you have in mind?

I’m going to paint the walls of the town and I’ll play with people who live there. I will go to Valencia with my family. This is my last project I can tell because it’s personal. In terms of design, for next year I am preparing a project that has to do with the sandals I am wearing, I´m preparing them for next year. Different models. My idea is to make them with particular designs, change a little bit the vision.

Tell us about you as a teacher, how does that feel?

It’s very strange because I’m teaching at the class in which I was student. It has helped me to realize very quickly what I’ve learned and see how I thought. It has served me to remind me of things and to guide about things they can be missing.

I’m usually the bad guy. I am a serious and demanding teacher. In real life things are demanding, is not like: “How good it goes”. You have to be serious while working. It is what you find when you leave school. I try to teach them to be consistent and work. They work the night before and I teach them that this does not work.

Thank you very much for giving us a little bit of your time and letting us meet both Joel the illustrator and designer. It was quite interesting and we will be following your footsteps from here.

It has been a pleasure.

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