Fashion with awareness.

With all the actual weather changes that have been affecting the world as a consecuence of an indifferent attitude from ourselves to the environment it is a fresh breath to encounter young people willing to contribute and do something about it.

Not Just Fashion Magazine interviewed Marta Loreto Sánchez Guzmán. A young mexican from Guanajuato who presents us with a collection that perfectly describes the concept of being practical with the objective of getting an useful result. On her case, make fashion designs that are comfortable and easy to wear causing the lowest environmental impact as possible.

We invite you to discover a little bit more about her and her collection, Pragmatic.

¿Did you always want to be a fashion designer?

I resisted fashion design for a long time even knowing that, ever since, it will turn into my passion since I come from a dressmaker grandmother and a pattern technique mother who always dreamed about being a fashion designer.

I grew up in a clothing manufacturer since my parents have always worked on the clothing industry. Nevertheless, my hobbies were leaned towards sportive activities and I had few interest on fashion.

When I arrived to my college age and had to decide for a creer I did not choose fashion design. I started to study business management which, after three months, I had conceived as the borest stage of my life.

By then, one of my sisters assured that she would be studying fashion design in over a year so I decided to develop a taste for it and later on, could make a good workteam with her or my family. It is important to mention that after a year, my sister´s decisión changed but I was more than in love of what I was doing and totally sure that fashion is what I wanted to do in long term.

¿How has been your studies as fashion designer?

My studies in the fashion industry started 4 years ago at the Monterrey´s University (UDEM) where, during the summer of 2014, a study journey to Barcelona was promoted in which we would review some intensive clases at the Design College of Barcelona (Bau). One of this classes, pattern, and the teacher who taught it, Inés Monje, made me feel I was in the right place to learn and achieve most of the objectives I had defined during my professional career.

By the end of the summer in Barcelona I was decided to go back to Mexico to say good bye and begin my studies in Barcelona.                                                                                        

¿What is your style as a fashion designer?

I haven´t defined my creation style yet. I am just in the learning process that will take me to the precise direction that will define me when identifying my designs. Nevertheless, I now bet for a casual and urban style, beyond the aesthestic proposal of the designs.

¿Who inspire you in the world industry?

Some of the talented designers I admire and I do not stop to mention during the creative process due to their way of conceptualizing are Yamamoto, Gaultier, Margiela, Alexander Wang, Watanabe y Vivienne Westwood.

¿What do you want to express with the name of the collection, Pragmatic?

It alludes to the practicity to wear a piece which can have more than one use and, at the same time, to the origin of the collection. Being pragmatics with the use of materials and resources of this collection to create a lowest environmental impact.

¿How many designs did you create for Pragmatic?

I created 7 jackets that form a mini collection.

¿What was your inspiration? 

The collection was developed under the premise of designing a set of pieces that, beyond being aesthetically nice and have an use as accesory, its development would be a work with the lowest environmental impact through all stages and, at the same time, would be printed with a speech that would make the carrier question about the “need” of acumulating clothing when just one piece could have more thant one function.                                

¿Is there a story behind the collection?

More than a story that I pretend to express I told myself a story during the creative process. A little utopic in which I liked to think of me as the main character, that looked funny and nice with the subject of creating awareness about expenses and unnecesary uses.

It is that story where the girls are pragmatics, we are outgoing and make a thousand daily activities. Activities that take us from a desk to a party and from a party to ride a bike. A story where you do not have to think to much when opening the closet because we only find 2 coats that will accomplish our objectives in one piece.

¿How long did it take to make the collection?

I don´t have the exact record of hours I used but I can say that I pretended to manage the resources considering saving. Time was no exception since each of the pieces has the function of 2 or 3. It is more efficient to make 7 than 14 or 21 even though the finishings and the details have to be specific for being double-faced pieces and as elaborated in the interior as the exterior.

The pieces that you make have the most strict certification there is regarding health, environmental sustainability and corporate responsability (Made in Green) ¿How did you make the collection?

All collections depend on the right choice of materials and, in order to make that Pragmatic worked as I pretended, I chose appropiate fabrics that transmitted duality from both faces of the pieces, contrasted textiles regarding appearance given by its color, weight, fabric, etc. Since a premise of this project is to use less materials as posible to make a single piece from which I could get a chamaleonic clothing, an analysis of the average of material and accesory needed on a common piece was made and no more than that were used on each of the coats of this collection.

¿How would you define the style of this collection?

Pragmatic proposes a game that consists on finding out on each of the pieces the style you need for every ocassion so you could wear a sportive style during the morning and then reverse the piece during the day and turnin i tino something more sophisticated.

¿How do you see yourself in the future?

I pretend to learn all I can in the short time I have left as a student in Bau and work next to talented and creative peoplehere in Spain or in Europe so when the momento arrives go back to my country and create a brand.

A brand that reflects on each piece, on each collection, how I love to dedicate to this. A brand that exhales the essence of all the work behind it takes to being conceived and distinguises for a well done work, thought as pieces that feel good and would feel delighted to wear.

Congratulation for the collection, lots of success and thanks for bringing a work with a great sense.

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