A barbershop with attitude & style

During the month of November, Not Just Fashion Magazine discovered a very particular barbershop in which celebrate the male movement Movember. For this ocassion, we decided to tell a story of three characters that have in common a quiet hairy deal.

OneOnine is the name of the barbershop that became our partner in crime to make this editorial. To get to know them better, we talked to its owner, Andrea. A man passionate for this profesional art since he was little.

Tell us about you and how you stepped into the world of barbershops.

Why a babershop?

At the age of 13 I always surrounded myself with the older barbers of my city in Italy. I liked watching people fresen up and change of style. The way they transformed in just half an hour passing through barber`s hands.

What do you like the most about the job of barbershops?

What I like the most is the fact of spending an hour with a client talking, discovering and sharing life experiences. It is like being in a bar or some other social place.

What is the origin of the name OneOnine?

The name comes from a word game in french. 109, in french, is read cent neuf which has a sound alike to sang neuf (fresh blood). Fresh blood from tattoes and from the blade. It is a little bit complicated to explain.

What is the style of OneOnine?

Here in OneOnine, the most important thing is to make you feel at home. That is why when you sit down in a sofá we offer tea, coffee or a cup of wine in the afternoon.

What is the difference between you and other barbershops of the city?

OneOnine is a family and quiet place where you can cut your hair, get a tattoo or just simply go in to chat with no obligation of spending money.

The space you have is pretty cool, how did you decorate it?

Simply with art and fantasy…

Have you made events in this space?

Yes, we have made different events with brands like Jagermeister, Antony Morato and we have worked for Vice, Mini, Primavera Sound and much more.

For our editorial, one of our characters dream about having a beard. Is there salvation for this type of people?

Apart from miracles, there are transplants. (laughs).

And for those who have beards, what products would you recommend for their care?

We work very well with the brand Macho Beard. We recommend it to everybody.

The barbershop, profession o art?

Professional art.

¿Blade or razor?

Blade. All my life.

Long, short or no beards, What would you prefer?

Each one have their style. This is why I do not prefer a specific look. It adapts to the face of each one. And please, do not forget mustaches!

What do you think would be the next trends? Will the beard fashion trend extinguish?

The beard cannot extinguish!! Nevertheless, I think that shaving will be more common in the future.

What plans do you have for OneOnine? Will you opne more stores in the city?

We are in the process of expansion. TOP SECRET.

Thanks a lot for the interview and contributing with us!

Learn more about OneOnine and our editorial and behind the scenes of this production.

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