The modeling world is very competitive and being part of an agency that gives you advice and represents you makes a great difference. In addition, every day there is more a need for new ways of thinking regarding model aesthetics. People who are natural, simple and have a good attitude have become the most important characteristics beyond appearance. Role Model Management is one of the new agencies present in the market with a philosophy focused on on the idea that everyone can be a model.

We invite you to learn more about them.

How was Role Model Management born? What is its story?

It was born in Paris, at a dinner. A group of friends, professionals in photography, design and business management decided to unite their strength for this project.

What is the objective of Role Models?

Keep growing and make our models grow.

Taking into account that the modelling world is saturated, what is the added value that Role Models has compared to others?

There is always a space to those who want to make it in the business working with their heart and hard work. Freshness, naturalness and even naivety of the newcomer brings a different vision, a new form of making that, maybe (we hope so), could be better.


What has been the biggest challenge so far during the creation of the agency?

The biggest challenge has been to establish all the foundations of the enterprise limiting the number of mistakes to the maximum.


And the biggest surprise?

Acceptance, the flattery and the good attitude we have received from our models and the clients that have helped us, that have recommended us and encouraged us to keep it up, to keep growing and improving.


What is the project that you have liked the most so far?

The easy answer would be “the best paid” or “that project with no casting dealt in 5 minutes” but we have no preferences. We like all projects in which we´ve had the chance to collaborate and in which we have worked with the same illusion from big to small castings for emerging brands.

Tell us about the concept behind “# w e a r e a l l r o l e m o d e l s”.

We are all role models. On our daily lives, to brothers and sisters, to our children, to partners, to students. We all release an energy that has an effect on what surrounds us. That special spark that inspires others is precisely what we are looking for in our models.

What type of models are you looking for? Do they need to meet specific requirements?

Believable people, fresh, naturals and close. We demand to our models: interest, motivation, availability and sympathy! I mean, the essential to do anything in life!

Regarding aesthetics, what do you think is the model trend that clients will start demanding?

The trends are diverse and are away from beauty standards. The industry is opening every day more to reality, diversity and new profiles.

Do you only work with models living in Barcelona or also with those located in other cities?

At the present time, most of our work and models are in Barcelona though we have models in the rest of Spain and Europe.

Only young people or there is also opportunities for older people?

Of all ages, sizes, shapes and colors. ¡We all are Role Models!

How can all interested people register at Role Model Management?

They can write us at attaching a front face picture and a front body picture. We give them an appointment to meet them and make some pictures at our studio. Everyone, experienced or not, having a book or not, will be proposed to our clients with updated and high-quality pictures.

What advices would you recommend to all the people interested in entering the world of modelling?

Do not get obssesed, be yourself.

Next projects for Role Model Management.

Role Models MADRID.

Thank you so much for inviting us to learn more about the ROLE MODELS of the future.


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