01/16/2012 – Chase Han is a model from South Korea. He was born in Korea, studied and worked in New york and LA hollywood. Chase is our first the winner of the first week of our Model Contest.

[question]Hey Chase, congrats! How do you feel being the first winner of our Model Contest for Model of the Week? [/question]

[answer]Awesome!! Somehow feel very good. This is my first contest winning as model. I used to be the model of the week in California without contest. At that time, there are no competitors. But now, I feel so sorry to others. Because I know they are good models more than me.

By the way, my parents and friends are very happy more than me because of it. And they told me keep working on it until you make it. This is my pleasure to please not only my family but also all my friends. I hope to be a man who makes people feel proud and happy. This is the reason why I feel awesome. [/answer]

Chase Han

[question]You received almost 300 votes, it is a lot! Nice to have such a support, no? [/question]

[answer]I am a such lucky guy. I think it is more than I thought. I cannot help thanking all people voted for me. Because some friends said they can not vote for me. Because they do not know English and even don’t have Facebook and Twitter ID. Many questions are “how to vote?”. StilI Koreans feel uncomfortable using English social network service. Nevertheless, many people participated. I won. I love all. [/answer]

Chase Han

[question]Apart from modeling, what do you do for a living? [/question]

[answer] I have 2 more Job. I do modeling and acting. Still keep training acting and modeling for reaching professional.

Another, I work for GLee LTBL Worldwide(=Glee). Glee is a company import and export and distribution. We have co-worked our good partner companies with Texchip technologies (LED Driver IC Semiconductors company in US, it use for LED lighting system) and ABFIT Products (ABTEST=core strength measurement machine, it is also US company.), TMpots (English Language Education Service, Recruiting company in Philippines) and Korean LED lightings sale overseas. I work as marketing & operation manager of Korea division. Glee is going to plan to join Fashion industry.  [/answer]

Chase Han

[question]How is the modeling market in South Korea? [/question]

[answer]Unfortunately, I do not have any modeling job in Korea. Although I contracted 3~4 companies with big model agencies, In my opinion, Korea fashion market is likely to needs female models and foreign models much more than male models. I hope I do modeling in Korea as well as the World. [/answer]

CHase Han

[question]You are now the first finalist for the final contest where the last 8 male models winners will try to win the trip to Europe to shoot an editorial, excited? Have you ever been to Europe? [/question]

[answer]Frankly speaking, I am so excited. On the other hand, I might be worried about the contest. Just I will intend to do my best for it.

I love Europe, Europeans but I have not come to Europe, yet. Well, it should be a right place for me and all models. I think it is a place with high fashions and cultures which I never have gone through… I hope to come surely in my life. [/answer]

Chase Han

[question]Something you want to say to the people who voted for you? [/question]

[answer]I am very proud of you are my friends. Love all of you!

Thank you sooooooooooo much. All of you are a part of winning!! [/answer]

[question]Thank you Chase for your time! By the way, let us know if you get a job as a model thanks to this contest :)[/question]

[answer]Absolutely, I will. And I wish it happen to me surely. And let me go Europe!!

Thanks Greg Ross! You are one part of winning![/answer]

Chase Han

To see more about Chase: Look at his online book.

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