It is rare to come across brands as versatile and innovative as our friends @ M.R.K.T.

M.R.K.T. Reinvents Signature Styles in New Innovative Materials

The Spring Summer 2017 season is an exciting one for M.R.K.T. as the design team continues to raise the bar of innovation with a range of clean and minimal styles for the creative professional. Three unique collections make their debut showcasing a fresh new color palette, sleek new styles and bold material innovations. Each collection introduces classic silhouettes re-imagined in modern materials that boast structure, durability, and functionality.


Main Collection: URBANSCAPE

URBANSCAPE presents a vibrant collection of styles, drawing inspiration from reflective details in architectural facades from the natural elements intertwined into the urban cityscape.

Designer Tom Pen was inspired by the colorful hues found from natural light and elements mirrored on the facades of modern architectural structures:

“The new Skyscraper Blue was inspired by the crisp blue skies and clouds reflecting off of buildings. Its special deepness in color and texture was achievable by combining blue, black, and white fibers, giving the signature innovative M.R.K.T. styles a new fresh look. Each Skyscraper Blue silhouette is complimented with crisp white zippers as a pop of color that fit the inspired theme of natural details found in the bustling urban city life.”

Women’s Collection: URBAN OASIS

M.R.K.T. introduces its first dedicated Women’s collection extending from the theme of natural elements for Spring Summer 2017. This collection occupies clean and minimal design space that has been synonymous with M.R.K.T. New styles such as the Corin Bucket Bag, Rey Backpack, and Blake Tote are classic women styles reinvigorated with the design way that is true to M.R.K.T. – structure, clean lines, and functionality. This exciting capsule collection consists of styles designed with MCRO LEATHER and MCRO SUEDE – premium tier material – in soft natural hues of Skyscraper Blue, Iron, Desert Rose, Mediterranean Blue, and Polished Stone.




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