Brunch Electronik  says goodbye but  summertime keeps beating with the sound of electronic music at the Brunch-in-the-Park.

During Sundays of July, August and up to September 11th, adults and children will keep enjoying an environment filled with good music, gastronomy and fun activities.

When arriving to the event you are able to watch babies playing with their parents, and even older ones enjoying the fun area conditioned for them with several workshops, water inflatable slides, dance floor, tennis table, climbing wall, among others.

The designer market was also there with a variety of stores for different tastes where also participated brands such as Endzlab and Tiger Soul, who to we talked to on Brunch Electronik`s last season.

This time we talked to Hanna from Makhoul Swimwear, who sells exclusive clothing for this festival. She`s been attending to the Piknic Electronik for 4 years in a row and now to her first Brunch-In-the-Park. She is in charge of making all designs of the t-shirts as well as serigraphy. In addition, she makes swimming suits in the same way. The designs are made from the start with white fabric meanwhile the technical part is done in factories (no exploiting), “creating fresh products for summertime”.

Following our way we met HEX, a genderless clothing brand that sells online. It was born at a techno party since their creators are Djs (Poli y Recanism). The party became famous in Barcelona and people liked the way these Djs dressed (all in black), reason why they decided to create the brand where all its clothing has this feature. It is made in Barcelona, with very good quality, with soft and comfortable materials. They participated at 080 Barcelona Fashion.

Regarding gastronomy, there was a variety for all palates among all food trucks that were at the event. Erlin James, a Dj from Barcelona, decided to open “Bao Bao”, a new restaurant that offers something that is not common to find in the city, a bread made at Asian steam. It can be combined with different ingredients. It´s not a big size food which allows to taste different flavors and types. After travelling on several countries he learned about this bread and wanted to bring it to Barcelona. This is his first week of opening so do not hesitate to go to Carrer de n’Aglá, 4 and taste his gastronomical offer.

Lastly, we talked to Pablo from Vegitalia, a restaurant specialized on vegetarian food with 3 locations in Barcelona. The first one opened up 10 years ago, the second one, 3 years ago, and the third one, last year. This year they decided to start with Street Food, and have been participating in Palo Alto, Primavera Sound, among others. The reason why they opened this restaurant was due to the lack of offers in this type of food in the city by that time. They used the name “Vegitalia” since it was already a name that existed as pioneer on vegetable product distribution. They have their own orchard, a field of four hectares where all vegetables are produced depending on soil and weather.

Due to time issues, we could not talk to all food trucks but this will no be our last Brunch- In-the-Park.

At main concert stage, the people were seated talking and enjoying at the chairs and puffs located at the relax area. Meanwhile, others were in the dance floor jumping to the beat of  Bedouin (USA). At 19h, Benoit & Sergio (FR/USA) got up to the stage, a duo that spacializes in tech-house/electronic pop. At 19h30 a lot of people started to arrive to the event which was quickly filled up. The weather was perfect and there was a bit of heat though it was not a problem since there were staff members and showers that allowed attendees get refreshed.

Finally, Magda (USA), who has a long trajectory as Dj went up stage. She has a very occupied agenda since she participates in many clubs and house/techno festivals around the world. She had a great debut that day cheering up everyone until 22h. Those who wanted to keep going could go to Sala Apolo`s Nitsa where Magda would continue her set.

See ya on the next set of music!

Photographer: Javier

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