The renowned artistic identity of Barcelona surrounds every street.

Apart from all the artistic activities carried out in the city with festivals, music from theaters and even street performers, Barcelona presents a sample of striking, colorful and very particular sculptures with great significance.

As part of “The 5 3 1 Combination” of this week we present three sculptures located within the city of Barcelona that do not go unnoticed and that you will find within your city tour.

The Shrimp

This graceful sculpture designed by the Spanish Javier Mariscal was inspired on the world of comics and the real reason for its creation was to decorate conspicuously Gambrinus, a restaurant among several bars and other places to eat occupying the Moll de Fusta newly remodeled in 1989 to enliven the area. After the Olympic Games in 1992, there was a decline that led to the demise of the restaurants and bars that occupied the space making the famous shrimp to be stored in a warehouse.

Later, in 2004, the City Hall decided to recover it and thus revive Moll de Fusta again.

The Face of Barcelona or Barcelona´s Head.

Graphic artist Roy Lichtenstein is the designer of this pop-art sculpture that was carried out with the help of sculptor Diego Delgado Rajado during 1991 and 1992 as part of the urban renewal that took place for the ’92 Olympic Games. It is located at Paseo Colón right next to “La Gamba” so it won´t be hard to find.

The work belongs to Lichtenstein´s serie called Brushstrokes and pays homage to Antoni Gaudí, which can be clearly seen in the use of mosaic. On the other hand, it pays homage to the city with splashes of colors that contrast with the blue sky of it.

At first sight, it seems to be composed of a single face but are you sure you can identify only one? We leave it to your discretion.


The Spanish painter and sculptor Robert Llimós dedicated a sculpture to his son Marc, who died in a car accident. The work was performed in 1997 and is located in the Plaza de los Voluntarios de la Vila Olímpica de Barcelona.

For the author, it ended up being a premonition. What would represent the multicultural city of Atlanta going through the door to enter the year 2000 for the Olympic Games ended up as a tribute to his deceased son. Marc, in Catalan means frame, which encloses the figure whose name the person it represents,Marc.

Find out more sculptures and their history through a walk around the city. We also invite you to follow “The 5 3 1 Combination” and see reflected the art through the structures that form the city and the mind of great geniuses.

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