Keeping up with our last article about 5 photography studios located in Barcelona for any type of project, we introduce STUDIO66.

STUDIO66 mainly specializes in fashion and advertising photography. It was born from two photographers: Juan Cruz Durán specialized in advertising photography, portraits, and fashion, and Cristian Oliva, fashion photographer. Its name was given for its location at Llull 66. As they define it: “W thought the best thing was something simple and direct. Besides, the number 66 is playful. It´s a very graphic number”.

The space is an old 500 m2 factory, very clear with high ceilings (top height 9m.). It is divided in 4 areas. The entrance works as a parking lot; there is the client´s area, with a chillout lounge, meeting tables, toilets, kitchen, and catering; main studio has car access, wáter system to generate rain, and a transparent ceiling to work with natural light. There is also the area for the dressing room which, if it is necessary, works as a second studio. Additionally, inside the studio they have kept different original backgrounds and spaces that are ideal to use as sets.

STUDIO66 is formed by several enterprises. Juan Cruz Durán and Cristian Oliva, partners and studio responsables; María Moreso from Events & More, responsable for event planning inside and outside the studio; and Lada Film, in charge of filming. On the other hand, they have top suppliers and collaborators working in pre-production as well as in production.

Among the services they offer are photography and digital assistance, production and photography equipment rental, stylists, make-up artists, post-production, art direction, Djs, making off, catering.

The production they highlight the most is the first one ever made in the studio. This was “the campaign for Massimo Duti for its collection “NYC Limited Edition SS16” with top models Doutzen Kroes and Andrés Velencoso shot by Hunter and Gatti.” Likewise they remember their most difficult project: “A TV production for some fitness pills. We spent 20 days filming using the whole studio. Everything ended perfectly and the client was very happy.”

As for the most important plans for the future they want to make an opening to announce their space to everyone from the industry, create a smaller studio for small productions, and make an indoor garden to make clients more comfortable.

Among their clients are:

Brands: Massimo Dutti, Oysho, Raffael Pages, Allsister, la universidad Blanquerna, Sony, Hotel W.

Magazines: Cosmopolitan Mexico, El Periódico, Vanidad, Novias.

Celebrities: Mónica Naranjo, Carlos Aceres.


Address | Carrer Llull, 66

Phone | +34 93 150 39 60

Email |

Webpage |

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