The Moritz Feed Dog held from May 13th to 15th in Barcelona ended with its campaign #lamodaescultura.

As fashion specialist Charo Moras said: “You can’t only see fashion from the point of view of the designers, they are only a part. Fashion can’t be explained without them. But only with them neither can’t be explained”.

The 10 documentaries screened during the festival were chosen to explain the different players in fashion and the various ways of seeing it. For this reason, the documentaries not only represented designers and models but also the trends originated in the streets, the staff accompanying in the processes of clothing production, characters who take fashion as their way of expression and the changes to achieve a sustainable fashion industry.

If you couldn’t attend the festival, we leave a sample of the projections of the Moritz Feed Dog.

While we wait for the next edition, we recommend you our small collection of documentaries that we have selected for about the fashion industry:

To commemorate and celebrate the 120th anniversary of the prestigious fashion magazine Vogue, HBO made a documentary where the most important and special moments of the editors are collected.

This documentary features exclusive statements of eight of the most relevant fashion editors of the magazine, such as Polly Mellen, Babs Simpson and Grace Coddington.

“It is inspired by people who are responsible for our images of fashion, they are our fashion editors. They have always been our secret weapon so I thought we could celebrate Vogue and also, at the same time, celebrate these large publishers”, said Anna Wintour, director of Vogue USA.

Because in any magazine, the role of the editor is a fundamental pillar.

The following is dedicated to one of the greatest photographers of the history, Annie Leibovitz. Her photographies are recognized worldwide and she has a high reputation but, who is behind the camera? Who is really Annie Leibovitz?

Her sister Barbara Leibovitz, director and screenwriter of the documentary, decided to dedicate a film where a lifetime behind the lens could be reflected.

The documentary begins in her childhood and shows how the photographer managed to gradually reach the top. In addition, all her thoughts and deepest emotions are shown as she suffered after the death of her dear friend Susan Sontag.

Definitely a deep documentary about a great international leader, with almost insuperable career.

In 2008, Matt Tyrnauer, a journalist for the magazine Vanity Fair, decides to make a documentary dedicated to the great Valentino Garavani.

The film reflects the life of the renowned designer: his day by day and his evolution in the exclusive world of fashion.

The speaker is his partner Giancarlo Giammetti, who has accompanied him for 50 years during his career.

Definitely is a “must” to understand all the demands and perfection that surrounds this industry.

If you want a documentary that brings to light the darker side of this world “Picture me” it’s for you. In it, the model Sara Ziff, a former Tommy Hilfiger model, and director Ole Schwell dismantles the fascinating world of fashion.

The film features scenes and witnesses who report the little glamour that have aspects such as harassment (emotional and sexual), the high demands or insecurities inculcated for life in the body of the models due to the shallowness of this industry.

It’s highly recommended to have awareness about the other side of an environment that pretends to be just perfect.

Only 24 hours to start the show. A countdown of nerves and high tensions behind the backstage of six major fashion brands.

Loïc Prigent’s camera goes into the heart of prestigious catwalks to show in a transparent and honest way how they feel the hours prior to the big event. Sonia Rykiel, Jean-Paul Gaultier Haute Couture, Proenza Schouler and Karl Lagerfeld and a lot of chaos are the real stars of this documentary.

In summary, panic, hysteria and unexpected last minute changes but, above all a lot of love for their passion: fashion.

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