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This week learn about TOP STUDIOS.

Founded in 1996 by a group of photographers and professionals from the world of image, design, and fashion, TOP STUDIOS/ocean day light specializes in fashion and advertising photography, TV spots productions, and local, national and international TV shows. The studio`s name reflects their wish to stand out with best facilities, and its focus on fashion. On the other hand, its name also describes the natural light the studio has which allows to those photographer who prefer so to shoot with barely using lighting equipment.

They have a 1.500 m2 space divided in 5 studios, all of them with dressing romos, air conditioning, and wi-fi. In addition, they have a warehouse to store lighting and camera equipment, kitchen, common spaces, parking, and loading and unloading zone.

Six permanent people cover the assistance áreas at the studio, and decor, production, and management. Also, they have a long list of collaborators from different scopes: photographers, assistants, art direction, stylists, make up. Among the services they provide studio rental, for photographic productions, movies and TV, for events, photography, camera and lighting equipment rental for indoor and outdoor productions, photographic post-production, video, atrezzo and props rental, and production assistance.

When we asked them about their most highlighted projects they stand out those strict productions done with celebrities, but also those with NGOS, and social oriented foundations. “In all of these projects, professionalism, ilusión, and selfless effort from everyone who participate is the same as any other campaign.” On the other hand, among the most difficult projects “we have suspended models, actors, and celebrities in the air. We´ve worked with all type of animals. Valentino Rossi made stunts with his bike.”

Regarding plans for the future, they talked about “the chance of opening a soundproof studio to complement Top Studios` services”.

The clients they have worked with are:

Magazines: Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Woman, Hunger Magazine, Vanity Fair. For national and international versions.

Brands: Adidas, Nike, Honda, Yamaha, Coca Cola,Mango, Desigual, Inditex, Rosa Clará, Loewe, Revlon, HP, La Caixa, Vodafone, Apple.

Celebrities: George Clooney, Lenny Kravitz, Hugh Jackman, Antonio Banderas, Shakira, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Athletes: Mesi, Sergei Bubka, Neymar, Hermanos Gasol, Valentino Rossi.

Photographers: Mario Testino, Ruven Afanador.

And important top models from the last 20 years.


Address | Carrer Alava, 32, 08005. Barcelona

Phone | +34 93 2251555

Email | bianca@topstudios.com or Topstudios@topstudios.com

Webpage | www.topstudios.com

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