Nowadays, creative, photographers or all the people who want to showcase their visual work can use very nice tools on the Internet.
Among those tools, we highlight two very interesting websites. Even if they look the same, let’s compare them. or

How does it work?

“Our core product is the Behance Network, the world’s leading platform for creative professionals across all industries. Members create multi-media portfolios that showcase their work within the Network, as well as throughout partner sites and organizations, and the industry-specific Served Sites. Millions of visitors — including top creative companies, recruiters, editors, and more.”

“Vimity is about networking and exposure and is designed with a creative professional’s needs in mind. We know that if you show your work within the right circles, you are more likely to be hired. Personal websites sometimes lack the power of SEO behind them and the viral nature of a creative network such as Vimity. They can also be complicated to update each time you create a new project that you want to show off to the world. Vimity solves all these issues and then you won’t even need a website.”


Let’s have a look at the design itself


We can see that Vimity offers a wider view of the images, which is more interesting when you want to show your visual work.


How does it look on the Ipad?

We have the same portfolio on Behance and Vimity. Two findings: Vimity loads faster the picks and it fits much better the Ipad than Behance!


What about inserting a link?

Behance allows the insertion of links on a much simpler way and easy to use for neophytes. You can even choose the color of your link. For Vimity, you have to be a bit more as a software expert! Look at the picks below to compare.




TIP FOR VIMITY USERS: If you want to insert a link like, SEE MY WEBSITE, you have to insert manually the following code as shown above: <a href=”” target=”_blank”>SEE MY WEBSITE</a>

target=”_blank” makes your link opening a new window. If you don’t want your link to open a new window, just skip this part of the code: <a href=””>SEE MY WEBSITE</a>

If you want to create a link to your email, the code is<a href=””></a>


Let’s have a look at the Alexa stats:

As Behance is the worlds leading platform for creative professionals across all industries (exists since 2006), their statistics are much better than Vimity. Vimity is a young website (about one-year-old) with a fast-growing rate. Vimity will rapidly be a serious competitor of Behance.


Which one to use?

Don’t forget that Vimity and Behance are Social Medias. Most of professionals of the fashion & advertising industry are active on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Google+; Do they choose between one of them?

It is the same with Behance & Vimity! Don’t choose one of them, just use them both! This is the best way to reach a wider audience!

You can compare our hong Kong views portfolio on and on

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