Warsaw, Poland.

90′ futurism echos, minimalist geometry and sporty glam.

animals mini jpg--2

Shoes McQ
Handbag McQ
Jacket: Nicolas Andreas Taralis
Trousers: Gucci
Chairs: Plank

animals mini jpg-8107

Jacket: Balmain
Trousers: Gucci
Shirt: Dsquared2
Shoes: Dsquared2
Accessories: Dsquared2
Boxes: Pastoe

animals mini jpg-8058

Top: Dsquared2
Trousers: Dsquared2
Pillows: Missoni

animals mini jpg--3

Top: Nicolas Andreas Taralis
Trousers: Gucci
Shoes: Dsquared2
Small tables: Baxter


vitkac 5

Trousers: Balenciaga
Shoes: Gucci
Top: Diesel
Accessories: Dsquared2

animals mini jpg-8160

Trousers: Y-3
Shoes: McQ
Top: Diesel Black Gold

animals mini jpg-

Pillows & Blanket: Missoni

Photos:  Pawel Grabowski www.wowpictures.tv
Model:  Klaudia Kozik/ Specto models
Style:  Joanna Bojanek www.joannabojanek.com
Mua:  Marta Makary www.changes.pl
Hair:  Tymoteusz Pieta www.tymoteuszpieta.com
Postproduction:  Nicolas Harding










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