Overlapping techniques and contents drawn from the artistic, cultural and technological world repertoire and pop reinterpretation.

This is, in brief, Alexandre Madureira’s artistic philosophy. His works are an intense expression of ideas, thoughts and feelings condensed in impacting labyrinthine aesthetic ensembles. An invitation to observe, reflect and smile.

The language used is cultured, full of heterogeneous ideas, in communication with each other. Among cubist quotations, Boticelli’s Venus and Duchamp’s ready made, the special glue is irony, irresistible irony, which is pleasantly balanced between enchantment and disenchantment.

After his exposition in Barcelona, ​​at KKKB art gallery, Alexandre will present on November 16, “Your face looks familiar” at GUNS & BUTTER art gallery in Amsterdam.

Until December 15 to discover Alexandre Madureira‘s Imagenary Museum.

Primavera 2010

alex mad_new 1

alex mad new 2

alexandre madureira 2


Images courtesy of the artist Alexandre Madureira: Primavera, Who wants to live forever?, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Vanitas.

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