This week, I’d like to show you an app developped by the team Six To Start , and which caught my eye this week.

For long I’ve been interested by mobile application that could creatively take advantage of geo-tagging or geo-localization. In that matter, my great friend Fred Adam from transnationaltemps introduced me and helped me understand, detect and look closely to this ground breaking industry, and its many applications, like fred’s projects safariurbis or simiomobile .

If safariurbis doesn’t, many geo-apps lack making a real point, a real meaning. I mean, taking a picture with instagram and tag my position is great, but hey… I guess I could indicate this location anyway, and is it that relevant? Looking for a restaurant sure is easy with geo-apps, but a Google map could do ok ; I mean, being hungry does’nt necessarily mean being lost. From 10 apps, one really puts geo-positionning at the center of the app. And Zombies, run is one of them !

And this particular case, the app cleverly fixes one big issue : how motivate someone to go and train half an hour or more a day? Making it an enjoyable experience, and also an addictive one. Well the way you accomplish that is turning your daily training into a sci-fi post-apocalytic real tv series you’re the heroe !

Six to start provides you with the narrative and the tech to do just that. You plug your headphones into your mobile, activate your GPS and 3G, run the app and there you go ! Earth has been turned into a post apocalytic world, your neighboorhood is run by zombies, and you have to accomplish in a limited time some mission in order to find food, water, other supplies, like energy… The app pins some places identified as vital for you, another are spotted as highly risky. Your mobile device checks your position in order to inform the app of your progression. All this converts your environment into a playground, your daily run into a thrilling experience, and everyday, you run back into the story where you left it.

Time will confirm if it’s a long run, but I definitly love this initiative, because it’s creative, challenging, clever, funny and simple.


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